For multi-passionate women looking to amplify their influence, impact and income through creating a soul-igniting side hustle or business on their terms  

Influence with Impact is a powerful six month mastermind experience filled with advanced career, business, leadership, mindset and communication strategies to help you create a career and business by design.

This is for you if:

  • You're a multi-passionate currently in a 9-5 aspiring to launch your dream business (but have no idea where to start in making this happen)  
  • You're an early-stage entrepreneur looking to uplevel your impact and income in your business (and are not currently getting the traction, visibility and consistency you dream of).
  • You desire to connect with a powerhouse of other women to fast-track your success
  • You know you were meant to have a bigger impact in your work and are ready to invest in your dreams in 2019

Just a snapshot of results that past clients have achieved:

  • Tripling their annual income after quitting their 9-5
  • Launching dream businesses and getting their first paying clients
  • Doubling their prices, quadrupling their monthly income, and attracting ideal clients in their business
  • Founding a purpose-driven charity and leaving a lasting legacy to support others
  • Negotiating flexible job shares to create a passion-driven side hustle
  • Appearing in international media, becoming keynote speakers in their industries, and publishing their first book
  • Landed a dream promotion on their terms
  • Negotiating +30% salary increases in their 9-5
  • Changing career paths and achieving greater fulfilment (even after 20 years in the same industry)
  • Replacing their corporate income in their new business
  • Landed a celebrity ambassador contract (exposing their brand to 100,000+ followers)  

"This program is life changing" Melissa Leong (Recruitment Advisor and Career Coach)

"I've got my first paying clients and made lifelong friends"

Working with Holly has totally kickstarted my life coaching business. Without her by my side I think I would still be really stuck on how to move forward and actually live the life I dreamed of.  

Since working with Holly I have created my brand identity, built my website and created a social media presence. I also have a plan about how I can develop my business to meet my income goals and I just signed my first full paying client :)  

Holly also gave me the tools and belief in myself to ask for my worth when renegotiating a contract which was a +30% increase on my previous hourly rate!  

I've also met amazing women who I now consider to be lifelong friends.

Ellie Bell, Project Manager and Life Coach

“The best investment I ever made in myself and my business"  

Prior to working with Holly I often let clients walk all over me. Not anymore! Previously I’d discount in order to win the work, but Holly helped me shift my mindset and confidently charge what I am worth.  

Being completely self taught I was always lacking confidence and never saw myself as a true professional photographer until we worked together.  

During my time working with Holly I doubled my prices, quadrupled my monthly income, and have taken my business to the next level by offering additional services to clients and expanding my team'.  

Jennifer Schmidt, Brand Stylist & Photographer


Let me guess…  

You’re driven, ambitious, and you yearn for ‘more’.  

There’s what you do now…and there is what you know deep down that you were meant for.

You know in your heart that you have so much untapped potential.  

You feel in your soul that you are meant to have a bigger impact in the world, and that this isn’t…quite…‘IT’.  

Maybe you’ve found yourself at a career crossroads. You're feeling stuck and overwhelmed by the options for ‘what’s next?’  

Admit... those ideas, dreams, and goals that really, truly light you up have been on the backburner for a while… (ok, just between us, a really really long time), and you just can’t shake that nagging feeling that it’s now or never to do something with them.  

But amongst all of this sense of possibility and excitement at what ‘could be’, there’s that little voice that whispers…  

Where on earth do I start?  

How do I put myself out there in a bigger way? (eeek and what would people think?)  

What if I get it wrong and look like an idiot?  

What if I'm just not good enough to do this?  

It’s probably not the right time anyway…maybe later when I’m ‘ready’  

And so it’s back to the backburner once again :)  

Unfortunately, many of us stubbornly attempt to figure things out all alone. But not only does this make it far harder than it has to be, it is also far less enjoyable. 

TRUTH: Life is too short to stand on the sidelines wondering what could have been.  

It’s time...  

to put yourself first  

to find your voice and be heard  

to get paid what you deserve, to do what you LOVE

It’s time to rewrite the rules and create a passion-filled career and business of your design; to achieve the fulfilment you've been craving, and to set your soul on fire 

Imagine if you could… 

Cut through the fog and gain crystal clear clarity over the exact steps to create a fulfilling career by your design (aka having it all)!  

Discover how to launch your dream business and get paying clients - (even if you're still in a 9-5 and aren't ready to quit just yet)

 Develop a killer mindset and unlock your most courageous self to smash your goals 

Learn game-changing techniques to become a persuasive powerhouse and confidently negotiate dream career and business opportunities (even if you're a natural introvert) 

Effortlessly create influential online and offline networks that open doors and fast-track your success (and income) 

Be part of a super intimate community of like-minded women and benefit from shared inspiration, connection and accountability (and gain lifelong friends) 

"I've appeared in international media and finally have the clarity to design my dream future"  

 ‘Holly gets you results. She goes above and beyond with her content, knowledge, and her desire to see you succeed.  

Before the mastermind I was confused with no direction in my business and getting no results. Since joining I have delivered my first speaking gig, launched events that appeared in international media and finally have the clarity to design my future the way that I want it.  

I thank Holly from the bottom of my heart for the changes I have seen in such a short space of time.  

If you are considering joining the mastermind -just DO IT.  

Romecca Sawyers, Founder of 'Meant to Rise', Speaker and Author

Holly is just amazing - seriously, this woman works magic!  

Before working with Holly I was lost and confused as to where I was headed. I had been in a job for 10 years which wasn’t my passion, but I felt trapped by personal circumstances such as being a single Mum in debt and having to work a waitressing job to make ends meet.  

Since starting coaching with her I have started my own virtual assistant business and have international clients, quit my waitressing job and and have just handed in my notice - all in the space of eight months!  

For the first time in a really really long time I am excited for my future.  

Nair Bonito, Virtual Assistant

Listen to Romecca share how she went from 'scribbling ideas on post it notes' as a stay at home Mum, to becoming the Founder of her own charity, a key note speaker and a published author.

"I just celebrated my best month ever in my business and this year I'll replace my previous corporate income for the first time"

When I joined the mastermind group I was at a standstill in my business. It was very new and I really wasn't clear on what direction I was going in. I had ideas but no confidence. Since joining the group I have clearly defined my goals and truly believe that what I am doing is the right path for me. I have also gone from casual ad hoc work to regular ongoing contracts with dream clients.  

Holly is so easy to work with and learn from - subtle but effective in getting results with ease. She is very engaging and always there to support everyone in the group. 

If you are considering joining the mastermind group but are unsure - JUST DO IT. You won't regret it and you will learn so much along the way. 

Holly delivers on everything she says she is going to and more. You also get to share the journey with other amazing women and see their transformation too.”  


Hi, I’m Holly, certified Career and Business Coach who help multi-passionate women like you to create a career and business of their design.

I created a six-figure side hustle around a senior role in a blue chip company because I didn’t want to choose between my passions. I wanted my version of ‘having it all’.  


Gone are the days of a job for life; climbing the corporate ladder or choosing between our passion, or our paycheck. Today we can backflip around the career jungle gym if we so desire, and my clients are living proof of what is possible if we just have the courage to ask for what we want. 

But I also know how easy it is for those hopes, dreams, ideas and goals to slip into the shuffle of the day to day, while life takes over. 

And as a self-confessed recovering perfectionist, I have experienced that very real sense of fear and self-doubt at the thought of doing something new.

After years of crippling self-doubt, ‘comparisonitis’ and Type-A achiever syndrome, I had a Quarter Life Crisis burnout in my corporate career and became seriously ill. Only then did I finally take a step back and consider what was really important to me in my career.

I knew I was meant for more in my life and work but I wanted to have success (without the all the stress), and to create a positive impact in the world around me.

I discovered life-changing techniques that supported me to continue doing the work I wanted, but in a way that felt purposeful and fulfilling. 

The amazing thing was that I didn’t have to quit my job or make drastic changes after all. I simply learned what exactly success meant to me, and today I enjoy having my 'career cake' and eating it too through a multi-passionate career working across ALL of my passions.

Today I combine almost a decade of experience in fast-paced global organisations working in brand strategy on $200 million dollar portfolios, with powerful personal leadership techniques learned alongside some of the top thought-leaders in the industry. 

What had started out as a personal mission to create success on my terms led to me working with clients all over the world in my coaching and development programs. Now I share the techniques that changed everything for me so that they too, can influence with impact.  

When I moved from London to Australia I wanted to do all the work that lights me up, and empower other women to do the same. 

Let's be clear -I had NO networks- only big dreams and a clear sense of purpose.

I used the powerful and practical communication strategies I’m sharing in this unique program to:

  • Negotiate a 3 day per week senior role in a Fortune 500 allowing me the flexibility to run a purposeful business empowering other women; all without compromising on role or salary
  • Create a passion-driven six figure side hustle despite moving to the other side of the world and starting from scratch 
  •  Be featured in the likes of Marie Claire, the Huffington Post and The Australian
  •  Become a sought-after guest speaker for women in business
  • Support my clients to launch their dream businesses, negotiate promotions, change their careers, increase their prices, ask for raises, double their client targets, deliver their first speaking gigs, appear in international media, and triple their annual income using the exact same strategies 

*Introducing Influence with Impact*

Influence with Impact is filled with advanced career, business, leadership, mindset and communication strategies to help you step up, show up and speak up to create the impact you’ve been dreaming of.

And the best part? You will be part of a tight-knit community of like-minded women who have your back and who will support you every step of the way.

Plus, of course, you'll have me as your mentor for six whole months, providing personalised support and guidance on key topics such as:

  • How to create a six figure side-hustle around your 9-5 (I created a multi-passionate career by design including a senior marketing role in a global blue chip PLUS a 6 figure biz)
  • Creating powerful connections that open doors and fast-track your success (This is the number one driver of my business that has led to $80k+ repeat clients) 
  • Impactful sales conversations that convert (I've helped clients sell packages at double their previous price points, quadruple their monthly income, and triple their annual income) 
  • Nailing your niche and ideal clients so that you can build a brand that positions you as the go-to expert in your industry (I've worked for a decade for the top marketing companies in the world that sell billion dollar brands) 
  • How to get clients without fancy marketing tactics or the techy stuff (I've sold programs that generated $90,000 without even having a sales page and my go-to low-hanging fruit opportunities are perfect if you are just starting out) 
  • Creating premium packages and irresistible, scalable offers to bring in more cashflow in less time (I'll share how I continued to turnover 6 figures in 2018 despite being on maternity leave) 
  • Accelerating your authority in your industry (I'll show you insider secrets to getting credibility fast, even if you're just starting out)  

Joining the mastermind has been a fantastic investment of time and energy in not only my business, but also in myself. I've gained so much from this program - how to uplevel my business and create sustainable growth, and importantly - a newfound sense of confidence.

I had trust in Holly because I had seen her business grow over the last few years and I knew she would walk the talk. 

She is an absolute fountain of knowledge and really helps you tap into your greatness. I feel more able to step into my power to say YES to the things that light me up, and to gracefully say no to the things that don't.

I highly recommend it and you will NOT regret joining! 

Annika Rose, Happiness Scientist, Founder of The Wellbeing Collective.  

"The most helpful, intimate and supportive group I have ever been a part of. Holly is amazing to work with - if you don't know where you're headed in your career, Holly is the coach for you".

Thank you Holly for changing my life and for accelerating my business!

Natalie Mallia, Founder of Wellness with Nat.

"I had ideas on the backburner for 14 I've created my dream career and lifestyle and tripled my annual income"

“When I first met Holly I was stuck at a crossroads wondering what to do next. I had spent years in large organisations trying to break the glass ceiling and had dreamed of starting my own business but had no idea how. With Holly’s help I have been able to start a digital marketing business that means I can work from anywhere and spend time with my family. 

I have tripled my annual income and am working with global brands as my clients. Holly’s support has helped me learn how to communicate and promote myself even though I am a huge introvert! Thank you Holly”. 

Anne-Lee Archer, Digital Marketing Strategist

"The best investment I ever made"

If you are looking for a career and business coach I would recommend Holly without hesitation. She is such a knowledgeable and talented coach but also draws a lot of her advice from her own experience. 

Holly’s program is very well structured with plenty of resources and material to help you achieve tangible results along the way but it is also flexible enough to ensure that you get exactly what you want out of it. 

Holly gave me the courage to quit my 'perfectly good' corporate job which no longer fulfilled me, to re-train in the area of my passion sports management) as well as launch my running blog to share my ideas with the world.

I finally feel like I'm making choices based 100% based on what I want to do, and can focus on short term actions that will help me get there without constantly worrying about not being on the right path. It has honestly been the best investment I have ever made". 

Josephine Anselin

"The mastermind exceeded my expectations in every way".  

I’ve learned so much about myself and how to ‘make my mark’ in my career. When I started the mastermind I was at a point where it was comfortable but not exciting, and I had no big goals to work towards.  

Using the tools Holly shared I have now gained clarity over my dream career path; gained confidence in speaking events and networking, and I'm working towards launching my dream business.  

I am so glad I invested in myself –definitely do it; it is worth every penny! "  

Alyce Garth

Ready to uplevel your impact and income with support from a like-minded community and experienced coach?


What’s included:

Game-changing monthly modules filled with easy to implement tools, exercises and strategies that you can put into practice right away and work through at your own pace (plus LIFETIME access to all content and recordings)

  • A high level of personalised accountability and guidance to keep you on track with flexibility to implement actions as you go, and feel supported in all your next steps  
  • Two group Q&A calls per month to access laser coaching directly with me, and gain powerful ideas and insights from the wider group discussion 
  • 24/7 support in your private facebook group to ask your burning questions, share your wins, and connect daily with your mastermind sisters 
  • Access to 6 and 7 figure guest experts who share bonus trainings to help you uplevel in your career or business (worth thousands of dollars in value), plus VIP access to their free bonus tools
  • Regular doses of inspirational, practical and motivational resources to help you cultivate a positive mindset for now and the future 
  • Instant access to your personalised Welcome Pack to kickstart planning your ideal 2019, PLUS a bonus Prep Module packed with tips and tricks to get the most out of the Mastermind experience

*PLUS, snap up these incredible bonuses worth $1899*

  • A 1-1 'Instagram Ignite' strategy package with a leading Instagram specialist to turbo charge your following on the fastest growing online platform (worth $699) -ONLY for the first THREE people to sign up
  • Done for you Brand Assets (worth $200) created by my personal graphic designer so you can increase your visibility and impact with credibility from the get-go, for the first TEN people to sign up
  • Swipe file client contract templates (worth $1000) to effortlessly protect yourself in business from the get-go without paying expensive legal fees

“It's no exaggeration to say that Holly helped me make the impossible, possible!"

“Clarity, possibility, results. This is how I’d summarise my coaching with Holly.

When my full time job unexpectedly ended I was at a complete crossroads and very unsure about what to do next. There was something I secretly really wanted to do (re-train to work in galleries – a childhood dream!) I didn’t think it was possible –how could I manage the paycut, the postgraduate study and the uncertainty it would bring? 

Holly’s supportive yet challenging style helped me cut through the fog, figure out what was important and set achievable goals. I thought coaching would help me find the best compromise but I ended up embarking on my dream career with real confidence and purpose. 


"Four weeks into coaching with Holly and I'm blitzing it!"

Secured my first paying client, lined up four meetings with potential clients in the space of one hour and now have a clear direction on who I serve, what my business offering is and how I plan to go about making a profitable, enjoyable business. 

Holly has held me accountable in a nurturing space to take the necessary steps that I wouldn’t have taken on my own. 


Julie Swan, Success Coach

What's included?

Module 1: Reconnect, Review and Re-energise

Dare to dream, and unlock crystal clear clarity over your career and business 'by design' 

Simply put, we must have clarity over WHO we are before we can know WHAT we want. Here you will dive deeply into your personal version of success so that you can feel completely aligned to your work and create your career and business roadmap by design.

Module 2: Remove the blocks and rewrite the rules

80% of our results are down to your mindset so it's essential to have strategies that support your success. In this module you'll understand the science behind self-sabotage, explore your 'success story' which may be unconsciously holding you back and use my game-changing techniques to rewrite the rules for any beliefs that no longer serve you. 

Module 3: Package up your brilliance and design a powerhouse personal brand  

Learn how position yourself as the go-to authority to attract your dream clients and business opportunities through nailing your niche and creating a stand-out brand with irresistible offers. I share insights and strategies gained from a decade of experience working for some of the world's most iconic brands on multi-million dollar brand portfolios.

Module 4: Your Message Matters - from Best Kept Secret to amplifying your impact

Here we dive into marketing 101. You'll discover how to craft your killer message to attract your ideal tribe, step up into a new level of visibility online and offline, and identify the marketing channels to bring dream clients your way.

Module 5: The Art and Science of Magnetic Selling  

Discover exactly how to master the art of authentic and impactful selling that makes it effortless to land dream clients (even if you are an introvert). You'll access my proven framework that leads you step by step from pre-sell to upsell including go-to scripts, swipe files and my killer sales questions that help you get HELL YES

Module 6: Become a Persuasive Powerhouse Communicator  

Discover the secrets to confidently negotiating dream opportunities and clients, and creating influential networks that open doors. Whether you want to get booked on podcasts (and hear more YESes), forge new joint venture partnerships, get approved to speak on stages, or enroll clients into your programs, these strategies are a MUST! 

Module 7: How to structure and scale yourself to 6 figure success

Discover game-changing way to scale your business model to create multiple income streams and feel equipped with proven success strategies to skyrocket your productivity so that you can consistently turn ideas into action. and ensure you confidently and consistently take action way beyond the program. 

"Holly helped me make the decision to 'go for it'. I am happier than I have been for a long time both personally and professionally"

Lots of thoughts have been whirling through my mind for the last two years with the ‘dream’ of setting up my own business. This meant jumping off the corporate ladder (scary), focusing on my passion (exciting) and thinking about my future career in a different way (confusing). 

And then came Holly. She takes your fears and self-doubts and helps re-focus them into positivity, self-belief, energy and passion. 

The result? I have now set up my own company with international clients and full time staff. I am happier than I have been in a long time both professionally and personally. I am no longer scared of failure and no longer suffer from a lack of self-belief. 

I can honestly say that Holly helped me make the decision to ‘go for it’. She is exceptionally good at what she does.

Letty Edwards, Founder of the Mind Collective

"I am now truly living the life I always wanted"

When I began my coaching with Holly I was excited but clueless where to begin. She helped me zero in and gave me the courage to tailor my business to exactly what I wanted rather than the model I felt I had to fall into.  

Holly is definitely true to her words when she says she will help you custom design a career of your choice. I am now truly living the life I always wanted where I have the flexibility to be there for my children but also have a fulfilling career that lights me up.  

Holly helped me find the courage to make my own rules, narrow down exactly what I wanted professionally and personally and go out and get it. And I got it!”

Taryn Gray, Life and Wellness Coach 

"After just one session with Holly it quite simply felt like the clouds cleared and the sun came out". 

 Holly helped me identify some beliefs I had for a long time that had been holding me back from achieving my goals and pursuing my dreams. 

During that one session, it was confirmed - Holly was the coach to help me take my life to the next level. No more wondering why I work so hard but only achieve some goals and not others, and why I seem to be no closer to my dreams than I was last year and the year before. I know with Holly’s help I will smash those goals and set new ones! All that from just one session. 

Christine Dwyer, Lawyer and Mediator

As this is a highly personalised group mastermind program it will be by invitation only for the most committed women ready for change.

PLUS - exclusive access to incredible guest expert bonus trainings worth thousands of dollars

How to Create Financial Freedom with Jessica Giles, Money Mastery Specialist

Jess will share savvy and actionable money mastery systems and structures to bust through your money blocks and unlock your Financially Free life

As a Qualified Accountant and Money Mastery Coach, Jess believes that financially empowered women will save the world. Partnering with women to transform their financial future into one of being a wealthy and empowered woman living life guided by her desires is Jessica’s life work.  

No boring budgets or templates, Jess’s feminine, fun and chic approach to money through mindset, management and wealth creation will change your life! 

Connect to your Intuition to Create your best Results, with Elyse Falzone, Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Life Coach

Elyse will show you how to connect to and unlock the power of your intuition to create higher levels of success from a place of alignment and flow in your work. 

Elyse Falzone is a powerful, passionate Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Life Coach, specializing in healing the inner child and awakening the healer & teacher within. Through a spiritual and intuitive framework, Yoga, Reiki, Angel Tarot readings, Crystals, Energy Healing, Meditation and more, Elyse connects with her clients through an immersive & interactive experience, guiding them to let go, forgive and heal so they can honor their inner voice, surrender and use self-expression as the soul’s true purpose.

How to tell Captivating Stories and become Magnetic with Marsha Shandur, Storytelling Coach & Networking Mentor 

Marsha will show you how to tell ANY story in a way that captivates your listener or reader, and shows them you are the person for them - whether that's a potential future collaborator, employer or dream client. 

Marsha Shandur understands that stories are key to changing the world. As a Storytelling Coach, she has shown hundreds of people how to tell compelling stories, is the official Storytelling Coach at Portland's World Domination Summit, and has been featured on Forbes, the BBC and Mashable.

Craft your Compelling Personal Brand Message with Copywriter Erica Lee Strauss 

Erica is a pixie-sized copywriter + content strategist who helps sassy-yet-classy entrepreneurs and professionals to stand out authentically, attract their dream opportunities and make money with their unique message.  

A total pro at helping her clients get crazy-clear on what they are all about (and why that matters to the marketplace), Erica has collaborated with everyone from six figure online superstars to tiny-but-mighty startups to convey their value in succinct language that sells.

Erica will teach you how to get clear on your message (who you are, what you do and why you do it) and articulate it in concise-yet-compelling language that positions you to stand out online and off.

How to get Featured in the Media and Build your Presence, Authority and Credibility with PR Expert Natalie Hillar

In this incredible masterclass Natalie will teach you killer strategies for how to get featured in the media and how to rapidly gain authority (even if you are just starting out). 

Natalie's impressive career in media spans 17 years as a journalist, print and digital advertising Account Manager, Marketer and now Communications Consultant and small business owner.

She has worked for brands including Marie Clarie, InStyle, Better Homes and Gardens, New Idea, Who, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Investment Executive and WHERE Toronto, Virgin Australia and countless more. 

Natalie will also share a toolbox of savvy communication tactics to help you gain exposure and create the impact your desire.

How to Capture your Brand Essence with Captivating Photo Shoots with Lauren Abi-Hanna 

Lauren will teach you the little-known insider secrets around how to plan for a branding photo shoot so that you can capture images that will connect with your audience, attract your ideal clients, showcase your brilliance and catapult your business to the next level.  

Lauren is an intuitive portrait photographer from Sol + Co and she specialises in creating authentic imagery that captures the true essence of women professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Her purpose is to empower women to visually represent and portray themselves throughout their work with confidence and soul. 

How to skyrocket your influence and impact using the power of video  

Video is the highest converting, yet most under utilized marketing tool. Dr. TT will show you who to go from nameless to famous using the power of online video.  

Dr. Tracy is an award winning YouTuber and Digital Influencer with over 3 million video views and 50,000 + Social Media followers across platforms, Dr. Tracy will give you her tried and true secrets for building Social Celebdom

What makes this program different?

  • Unlike many programs, the Influence with Impact group mastermind includes a high level of personalised support and accountability in an intimate community of like-minded women
  • Accountability, strategy and guidance. Each week there will be a task to complete to help you create momentum and keep moving forwards. We’ll be sharing progress, updates and wins in the group so you can bounce off each other.
  • The group numbers will be kept super small to get the support you need- no getting lost in a sea of others with limited opportunities to ask your burning questions 
  • An exciting and unique dynamic of both entrepreneurs and professionals so that everyone can benefit from different areas of experience and expertise
  • You will have access to a private facebook group for members only where I will be popping in daily with office hours access to keep you supported and on track
  • No ‘figuring it all out alone’. This program blends a balance of training and work-at-your-own pace modules as well as the group calls instead of an information ‘dump’ that leaves you figuring out the next steps solo.
  • High level of flexibility to work around your schedule. (We all have multiple priorities we are juggling). The welcome group session will provide you with hints and tips to get the most out of the program with the time you have available.
  • All group calls recorded. So even if you can’t make one, you can submit questions in advance and listen to the replays in your own time.
  • Option for more 1-1 access. You can join as a Gold member with access to all the group calls and content, or as a Platinum VIP member where you also get a monthly 1-1 call with me to personally work through your next steps.



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