Get results in 90 minutes
EOFY Special

 Get laser-focussed clarity on exactly what to do next to grow your business or side hustle at the perfect time of year to get ahead.

My zone of genius areas to 'pick my brains' on include:

  • How to create a six figure side-hustle around your 9-5 (I created a multi-passionate career by design including a senior marketing role in a global blue chip PLUS a 6 figure biz)
  • Impactful sales conversations that convert (I've helped clients sell packages at double their previous price points, quadruple their monthly income, and triple their annual income)
  • Nailing your niche and ideal clients so that you can build a brand that positions you as the go-to expert in your industry (I've worked for a decade for the top marketing companies in the world that sell billion dollar brands)
  • How to get clients without fancy marketing tactics or the techy stuff (I've sold programs that generated $90,000 without even having a sales page and my go-to low-hanging fruit opportunities are perfect if you are just starting out)
  • Creating premium packages and irresistible, scalable offers to bring in bigger cash injections with less time (I'll share how I have continued to turnover 6 figures this year despite being on maternity leave)

I'm all about simple but powerful quick wins that get you started and create momentum. The clarity and confidence you crave come from taking action, and this is where I come in!


  • You'll receive your very own Welcome Pack with powerful questions designed to help you get crystal clear clarity around your NUMBER ONE priority area to grow your business
  • We'll have a 90 minute laser-focussed 1-1 session diving deeply into your key area of focus. We'll uncover anything currently holding you back, and the quick wins to creating momentum and traction towards your goals
  • You'll leave with a step by step action plan to implement and know exactly where to focus your time and energy
  • PLUS you'll benefit from a week of email access to me for any follow up questions or feedback to support you putting your ideas into practice

This package is valued at $697 and my clients pay upwards of $3000 to work with me 1-1 in my signature coaching programs, but this special is just $297

HURRY - I'm only offering TEN spots at this incredible deal!


Working with Holly has totally kickstarted my life coaching business. Without her by my side I think I would still be really stuck on how to move forward and actually live the life I dreamed of. 

Since working with Holly I have created my brand identity, built my website and created a social media presence. I also have a plan about how I can develop my business to meet my income goals and I just signed my first full paying client :)  

Holly also gave me the tools and belief in myself to ask for my worth when renegotiating a contract which was a +30% increase on my previous hourly rate! 

Ellie Bell, Life Coach

“The best investment I ever made in myself and my business’. Prior to working with Holly I often let clients walk all over me. Not anymore! Previously I’d discount in order to win the work, but Holly helped me shift my mindset and confidently charge what I am worth. 

Being completely self taught I was always lacking confidence and never saw myself as a true professional photographer until we worked together.

During my time working with Holly I doubled my prices, quadrupled my monthly income, and have taken my business to the next level by offering additional services to clients and expanding my team'. 

Jennifer Schmidt, Brand Stylist & Photographer

Holly is just amazing - seriously, this woman works magic!  

Before working with Holly I was lost and confused as to where I was headed. I had been in a job for 10 years which wasn’t my passion, but I felt trapped by personal circumstances such as being a single Mum in debt and having to work a waitressing job to make ends meet.  

Since starting coaching with her I have started my own virtual assistant business and have international clients, quit my waitressing job and and have just handed in my notice - all in the space of eight months! 

For the first time in a really really long time I am excited for my future. 

Nair Bonito, Virtual Assistant

For over 12 months I had struggled to find my niche and work out what type of clients I wanted to work with in my business, I had done plenty of research around this and still had trouble coming to a decision. 

Then I met Holly and WOW, after only a one hour session I had so much clarity with not only who I wanted to work with but why. 

I found working with Holly to be a very calming experience and extremely beneficial to myself and my business, my ideas and thoughts flowed through so easily. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for clarity in their life/business to have a session with Holly. 

Sabene Nelson-Beck

Before working with Holly I was at a standstill in my business. It was very new and I really wasn't clear on what direction I was going in. I had ideas but no confidence.  

I’ve just celebrated my biggest month EVER in my business and this year I will match my previous corporate income for the first time whilst having the freedom and flexibility to spend more time with my family.  

Holly is so easy to work with and learn from - subtle but effective in getting results with ease.  

Angela Laidlaw, Virtual Assistant

"Lots of thoughts have been whirling through my mind for the last two years with the ‘dream’ of setting up my own business. 

This meant jumping off the corporate ladder (scary), focusing on my passion (exciting) and thinking about my future career in a different way (confusing).  

And then came Holly. She takes your fears and self-doubts and helps re-focus them into positivity, self-belief, energy and passion.  

The result? I have now set up my own profitable company. I am no longer scared of failure and no longer suffer from a lack of self-belief.  

She is exceptionally good at what she does! 

Letty Edwards, Founder of The Mind Collective

Holly MacCue is a Career and Business Success Coach who helps multi-passionate women to ‘re-write the rules’ for success and create a career of their design.  

She’s helped hundreds of clients to quit their day jobs and launch dream businesses; triple their annual income, negotiate part time flexibility, promotions and even +30% salary increases in their 9-5s. Her signature approach involves game-changing communication techniques that support her clients to boldly ask for what they want in a way that gets a yes


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